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Original Handmade Sterling Silver Aquamarine Raw Necklace

Original Handmade Sterling Silver Aquamarine Raw Necklace

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An original hand-set sterling silver raw aquamarine necklace - a stunning blend of natural charm and handcrafted craftsmanship. Carefully crafted, the sterling silver base is skillfully set with raw aquamarine stones. Known for its serene blue-green hue and uncut texture, the gemstone retains its natural beauty and character, making it the captivating centerpiece of the necklace.

The sterling silver base is hand-set by skilled artisans, not only securing the raw stones, but also enhancing their intrinsic charm. The rugged aquamarine is set against polished sterling silver, exuding raw elegance and refined beauty.

Wearing our original hand-set sterling silver aquamarine raw stone necklace is an invitation to embrace the beauty of imperfection and a celebration of the art of handcrafted jewelry. Each piece tells a story of nature's magic and human craftsmanship, a timeless treasure to be treasured for years to come.

Care Recommendations:
Keep away from perfumes, lotions and other chemicals.
Take off before bathing, swimming and exercising. Do not wear while sleeping and store in a cool, dry place.

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