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Artistic Style Sterling Silver Citrine Raw Stone Earring

Artistic Style Sterling Silver Citrine Raw Stone Earring

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Hand-set sterling silver citrine raw stone earrings bring goldsmith craftsmanship to the forefront. The earrings are all a testament to the fusion of skill and creativity, embodying the harmony of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

At the heart of the earrings are raw citrine stones, carefully set by skilled artisans to enhance their natural charm. Sterling silver is the canvas for the intricate goldwork that elevates the earrings to the realm of exquisite beauty.

Every detail is meticulously polished by master artisans to ensure the perfect marriage of form and function. From the delicate curves of the silver settings to the sparkle of the citrine gemstones, every element demonstrates the spirit of excellence.

Care Recommendations:
Keep away from perfumes, lotions and other chemicals.
Take off before bathing, swimming and exercising. Do not wear while sleeping and store in a cool, dry place.

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